In my previous jobs with early stage startups, ESOPs were always a significant portion of my total compensation. Till a few years ago, I had no idea how to value ESOPs as part of my total salary package. Should I take a salary cut and compensate that through a higher ESOP package? I had read so many stories of startup employees striking it rich when startups went IPO or got acquired for millions of dollars, that I never bothered to understand the intricacies of valuations, ESOPs etc.

I was recently having a conversation with an ex-colleague who was struggling with…

It has been a rather long break since my previous post. A few things have happened in the last few months. I moved from Bombay to Bangalore in Feb 2020 to join ThoughtSpot. Amidst moving houses, setting into a new job and dealing with the Covid normal, unfortunately the blog got ignored.

That said, let’s come back to this blog post.

This post is about what one should do in the first 30–60–90 days of joining a new product management job. It’s mostly based on my learnings of settling into my role in ThoughtSpot. Prior to joining the company, I…

I spoke at an online conference for product managers organized by ProductHood last month. My talk was focused on how you can use customer research to build your SaaS product.

Here are the slides from the talk:

And here is the video of the talk:

I recently spoke at an online event for product managers organized by Pragmatic Leaders. The topic of my talk was creating a product strategy.

Here are my slides from the talk:

And here’s the video of the talk:

This blog post is different from my previous posts. In this post, I want to analyze a product and discuss how it can evolve in the short-term to deliver even more value to its users. The underlying assumption is that if it is able to deliver a lot of value to its users, then there would be a significant impact on its business growth.

The motivation behind writing this post is that I have never done a detailed exercise like this in the past for a product that I’m not involved with professionally. …

I did an AMA with my friend Srini from upGrad, in which I answered a series of questions related to product management and my experiences in the field.

Here’s the video:

I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on product management on NextBigWhat a couple of months ago. There were a bunch of questions I was asked about product management. I just realized that I had not cross-posted my responses on the AMA on my Medium blog.

Here are a select few questions I was asked in the NextBigWhat AMA and my answers to those questions.

What’s the difference between product management in B2B/SaaS and B2C?

To be honest, I haven’t worked in the B2C sector. I’m guessing the fundamentals of product management remain the same in both.

Following are some of the differences I can think of:

  1. Customer Research: B2B…

Productivity is a topic close to my heart. On some days I am able to accomplish most of the tasks on my to-do list. While, on others, I struggle to be productive for even a couple of hours. Why does this happen? What hampers my productivity? What can I do to be more productive? How do I get the most out of my time? These are some questions I have struggled with over the years. In this post, I’ll list down a few things that have worked for me and that might be useful for you as well.

Before I…

This post is a departure from my usual posts on product management.

I have been quite excited about the launch of Spotify in India. I love the product and I would love to see Spotify win in India. This post covers a potential strategy that Spotify could adopt to establish itself as the leader in the crowded music streaming services market in India.

Spotify launched in India in February 2019. This was closely followed by the launch of YouTube Music in March 2019. The launch of these two services has only added to the growing competition in the music streaming…

In conversations you have with your customers as a product manager, you will find that your customers often tell you to build certain features that would help solve their problems. Should you then just note down all these requests and work on them? How do you know which problem is actually worth solving? And which problems should you ignore? If you spend your time and effort in building a feature that doesn’t tackle the right problems, you’re likely jeopardizing the future of your product.

Any feature you build for your customers should have a tangible benefit for them in the…

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Principal Product Manager @ ThoughtSpot

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