Easing the Process of Settling Into a New Job

In this essay, I’m going to take a break from discussing my usual subjects of product management and SaaS. In fact moving forward, I hope to write more about other subjects as well such as productivity and general management.

This essay is on how you can ease the process of settling into a new job. When you join a new company, it is only natural that folks in the company you join look at you with anticipation and a bit of trepidation. Each one trying to figure you out to understand how you operate, how much you know etc. So what should you try to do in your first few days of joining a new organization?

I speak about this topic from the learnings I’ve had in the five companies I’ve been associated with so far in my career. Wherever I’ve not followed the principles below, I’ve noticed that adjusting to the new job was more difficult than what it should have been.

Here are the four principles from my playbook that I follow to settle into a new job and start working with new people.

Build Trust

Establish Rapport


Understand Goals & Objectives

This brings me to the end of this essay. I’ll get back to writing about SaaS and product management in my next essay.

Principal Product Manager @ ThoughtSpot

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